Hand made Prayer

01 – Welcome

We are Building Up America!

We offer a way to get into a routine of praying for our country, family and selves, with a method to remind ourselves to continue praying: a Prayer Box!

Our prayer box is designed, hand cut and carved by Chuck Miller, a WWII veteran.  Put your thoughts into specific prayers and place them in your personal box.

You may want to set aside a specific time each day to concentrate on your feelings and get quiet with God.  Then, every 2 or 3 weeks, check those prayers.  It may amaze you to see how God answers prayers!

Now, more than ever, we need to bring our country and our world, as well as our personal thoughts, before God.  He doesn’t always answer our prayers with a “yes, but He always answers in His perfect timing.

We do this to make prayers an important part of our lives, remembering that God is in charge, and in the end, it is all to His glory.

Who benefits?  We all do!

When God knows that we are surrendering to Him, it is a joy for Him to answer prayers for the good of His children.

Get a Prayer Box.. and get praying!

For further information:  call Chuck at 303-453-9988